OnePlus iPhone 6S Case…Simply Because

OnePlus iPhone 6S CaseSimply Because | Ubergizmo

This particular protective case for your favorite iPhone (to date at least, until the iPhone 7 comes around) will not be an ordinary one, that is for sure. Best of all is, OnePlus has ensured that you do not need to have an invite before you are able to purchase this particular case.

Purchasing this case will also result in you being a proud owner of an invite to purchase a OnePlus X as well, now how about that? It will cost $19.99 a pop.

Filed in Cellphones. After all, it will arrive in a similar sandstone finish that can be found on the OnePlus One as well as the OnePlus 2, and that has proven itself to be rather popular with users.The texture itself ensures that you will be able to have a firm grip on the phone most of the time, and at the same time, it feels good to hold it. Read more about iphone 6s and oneplus. Total Storage Capacity128 GBMegapixels12 MPBattery Capacity (mAh)1715 mAhComplete product dataApple iPhone 6s Full specs and details

OnePlus-iPhone-CaseThe folks over at OnePlus are pretty unique – taking into consideration how they tend to have a mind of their own when it comes to doing things. Source: techaeris

Key SpecsiPhone 6sStatusReleasedDisplay Diagonal4.7″Processor/Soc NameA9, 2-core, 1.84 GHzStreet Price (Approx)~ $649

Search low iPhone 6s price (Amazon)Max. The folks behind the OnePlus 2 has taken the less traveled path yet again, by introducing the OnePlus iPhone 6S case, now how about that? It is already available for purchase, too, and from the name of it, you know that this is not going to be an ordinary case.

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