Arsenal FC News: Balanced Offence is Key for Gunners, Says Wenger.

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“I think as well that the consistency of the quality of his passing slowly drains the opponent as he passes always the ball when you do not want him to do it. “Sometimes when it doesn’t work you expect him to take the ball and put it in the net. The best years are coming for him now.”

“For us to know everyone can score and that someone like Ramsey, who is a goalscorer, is not playing at the moment, and Arteta, who can get us a goal as well but is not playing, that is very positive.”

“[Goalscoring] is one of the things he can add to his game for sure. That slowly [allows] us to take over.

Meanwhile, the French tactician believes that fans have to be patient with the development of German superstar Mesut Ozil.

“Sometimes people expect him to make the difference alone,” he said. He is more a passer than a finisher. . It doesn’t need to be criticised, it needs to be encouraged.

Scoring in the English Premier League is tougher because most ofthe teams take emphasis on their defensive game, but Arsenal managerArsene Wenger is not worried as his squad is capable of distributing thegoalscoring burden.

“It’s the best thing that can happen to us, because if you depend on one player you think you have to put him in cotton wool to keep him fit,” Wenger told Arsenal.com.

The Gunners came out victorious on Saturday against Fulham to remain at the top of the table, thanks to a double from winger Santi Cazorla.

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