Greatest FC Barcelona Eras

Johan Cruff, a legendary player for Barcelona in his younger days, took over as manager in 1988, established “The Dream Team” of that time, and the rest is history. He broke Real Madrid’s dominance and won four consecutive trophies from 1991-1994 with a total of 11 trophies in 8 years, making him perhaps the second most successful manager after Guardiola.

The era came to an end with the formation of Real Madrid’s own legendary team led by one of the greatest player of all time, Alfredo di Stéfano. During the 1951-1952 season, not only did they reclaimed back their La Liga Crown, which they surrendered to Atlético Madrid for 2 years, they also won a whopping 5 cups, with Kubala forming part of the legendary attack line with César and Mariano Martín.. Barcelona could only add 2 more La Liga Championship in 1959 and 1960 after their 1953 league title as they saw bitter rival Real Madrid monopolized the Spanish league.

During that period, they reached the peak of European football when they won the European Cup (which is now known as the UEFA Champions League) as well as the European Super Cup (a contest between the winners of the 2 main European club competitions) in 1992.

Barcelona also won its first European title – the Latin cup in 1949 when they beat Sporting from Portugal 2-1 in the final, and again in 1952, as they narrowly won Nice football club of France by a goal.

The arrival of Hungarian forward László Kubala in 1950, whom Barcelona named as Star of the Decade, propelled the club to even greater heights

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