Home Gambling Network Grants Playtech Master License for Use of Live Gaming Technology.

Based on the company’s acclaimed online casino platform, live gaming utilizes advanced video streaming technology to

personally connect dealer and player, replicating online the human

warmth and sociability of the land-based experience.

Website: http://www.homegamblingnetwork.com/

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CONTACT: Contact: HGN, CEO / President: Mel Molnick,

mel@i2corp.com, Ph: 1-805-693-8198, Fax: 1-805-693-8068, Address: PO Box

97957, Las Vegas, Nevada 89193, USA. Founded in 1999,

Playtech today has over 170 employees distributed globally,

approximately two-thirds of whom are engaged in research and development

of current and future gaming technologies.

HGN was formed for the purpose of marketing and licensing U.S.

Patent 5,800,268, a business method for wagering on live games and

events utilizing electronic financial transactions. The company staff is comprised of its

management, developers and outside counsel.

. Its patent has been

applied for in Australia, Canada, and the European Patent Office. Playtech gaming

applications – online casino, poker, bingo, live gaming, land-based

kiosk networks, and fixed-odds games – are fully intercompatible and can

be freely incorporated as stand-alone applications, accessed and funded

by players through the same user account and managed by the operator by

means of a single powerful management interface. i2corp’s management team is comprised of a small and

tightly integrated group of entrepreneurs and inventors with backgrounds

as varied as engineering, software development, building systems,

securities promotion and sales. Revenue is generated through

license fees, recurring IP licensing royalties, administration and

maintenance fees for software platforms, consulting and custom

development. Players can watch

the dealer performs actions such as spinning the Roulette wheel, dealing

cards and throwing dice and can engage the dealer in 1-on-1 live chat -

all in real time.

Home Gambling Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of i2corp.com,

(i2corp) is a publicly traded company (ITOO) that develops intellectual

property and enabling software platforms related to the gaming and

entertainment market. Currently

eighteen of Playtech’s licensees feature live games on their sites,

and more are being added each month.

Playtech is currently the only major gaming solutions provider to

offer operators a choice of both RNG-based games and live video stream

games, where customers play opposite real dealers, in a single software

application. Playtech, Iris Toledano, Marketing

Director, +972-3-613-9990 ext 131, iris@playtech.com

Playtech develops unified software platforms for the online

gambling industry, primarily targeting existing online operators wanting

to upgrade their system, sportsbooks looking to diversify, and

land-based operators making their online debut. Under the terms of the deal, Playtech will sub-license live

gaming services to its software licensees.

By awarding a master license to Playtech, HGN, whose licensees

include Drho888.com and CompuRace Inc., have seen the total number of

operators using their technology multiply considerably. i2corp’s business model is based upon

licensing of its IP and gaming platforms. The

European patent was published in November of 1999.

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Website: http://www.playtech.com/



CEO / President: Mel Molnick


Ph: 1-805-693-8198

Fax: 1-805-693-8068

Address: PO Box 97957, Las Vegas, Nevada 89193, USA


Iris Toledano

Marketing Director

+972-3-613-9990 ext 131


NICOSIA, Cyprus, November 4 /PRNewswire/ — Leading software

developer Playtech announced today the signing of a master license

agreement with Home Gambling Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of

i2corp.com (ITOO), for use of HGN’s patented live gaming


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