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BB pounds 632.08, pounds 594.50 Claremont Properties, pounds

596.40 Walby Grange. Round wheat straw sold to pounds 6

per bale. Char hfr 106.5p Flotterton, 103.5p

Wheathill, 99.5p Hindley. Black and Whites pounds 584.33, pounds 527 Edenbank

Farm, pounds 569.63, pounds 525.53 Wood Farm, pounds 533.80 Dinwoodie

Green, pounds 502.78 South View. Second prize pen, A Murray and Son, Craberry Brow, sold at

pounds 75 to R A Patterson. Blonde pounds 480.08 High Bow.

Tex pounds 57.80, pounds 52 and pounds 51.80 Bothel Parks, pounds

55, pounds 51 and pounds 50 Thistlebottom, pounds 54.80, pounds 54 and

pounds 51.50 Lessonhall (Dixon), pounds 54.50 High Hall, pounds 52.20,

pounds 48 and pounds 46.20 Sandhills, pounds 51.80 Jenkins Cross, pounds

51.80 Lane Head Farm, pounds 49 and pounds 48.80 Greenbank, pounds 48.20

Newlands Grange, pounds 48.20 Thwaites Farm, pounds 47.80, pounds 46.50

and pounds 46.20 Clea Hall, pounds 47.50 Anvil House, pounds 47 Midtown

Farm, pounds 46.50 and pounds 45.80 Skiddaw View, pounds 46 Manor Farm,

pounds 45.50 Fellside Farm (Coulthard), pounds 45.50 Westward Parks.

Leic pounds 57 and 95p Rosehill, pounds 49.40 and 98.8p Beacon


Lot 1072, William J Knox, Haddo Jaguar, 4,500gns to W G Halliday,

Paulsland, Ecclefechan, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire.

Lim hfrs pounds 495 Streethead, pounds 450 Braehead, pounds 445,

pounds 430, pounds 425 Blackrigg, pounds 442, pounds 425 Jockstown,

pounds 438, pounds 435, pounds 402, pounds 398 Englishtown, pounds 408


Heifers -

The sale was topped at pounds 41.50 by a pen of Cheviot crosses

from Carrick.

Tex X lambs sold to pounds 38.80 from Girsonfield and Suff X to

pounds 38 from Hepple Whitefield.

The ram is by Cornerstone Isaac which was loaned from the Watchknow

flock of Jim Warnock, of Sandilands, Lanark, which also sired a tup that

sold for 22,000gns in Lanark in August.

Hereford hfrs pounds 300 Nettling Flatts.

Gelb 94.5 and 93.5 Howgill Farm.

Blonde 103.5 Stanger Hill.

Swaledale pounds 19.50 Glebe Farm, pounds 18.50 College Farm,

pounds 17.80 Little Swinburne, pounds 17 Fair Hill, pounds 16.50

Penpeugh, pounds 16 Stone Stile.

A ram lamb from Douganhill Farms had earlier broke the Carlisle

centre record for a sheep at 48,000gns.

Suff X (ex Scotch half-bred):

Char X: pounds 49.80 High Wiserley, pounds 49.40 Houselope Grange,

pounds 44 Hargill Farm; 104.5p Newlands Hall, 104.3p Brotherlee, 103.9p

Newlands Hall.

Top, averages: Steers LW 104.50 (104.50) MW 108.50 (99.50) HW

113.50 (97.76) Heifers MW 134.50 (97) HW 131.50 (94.90) Young bulls LW

65.50 (65.50) MW 115.50 (93.71) HW 116.50 (100.57)

Shearling rams: Loosebeare, 8, pounds 16,599.18; Stainton, 6,

pounds 1,303.75; Seneirl, 7, pounds 1,065; Haltcliffe, 4, pounds 958.13;

Barrowby, 858.38; Douganhill, 8, pounds 741.56; Lochar, 8, pounds

715.31; Thistlewood, 8, pounds 711.38; Alwent, 5, pounds 703.50;

Heyworth, 6, pounds 700; North Quarter, 7, pounds 670.50; Goldies, 8,

pounds 653.63; Lockerbie, 7, pounds 580.50; Parkholme, 7, pounds 541.50;

Lochwood, 6, pounds 502.25.

pounds 81 Quarry House (x3), pounds 80 The Steel, Burn Bank,

Brownleazes, Harsondale, pounds 79 Blackburn, pounds 78 Yatesfield,

Carry House (x2), Quarry House, pounds 77 The Steel (x2), Broomhope,


Blonde pounds 696.33 Old Hall Farm. Blonde X hfr 106.5p Hindley. However there were still a

large portion of leaner and plainer lambs which pulled the average down

to 99.4p. BB X pounds 685 Thrunton

Lowfield (20m); pounds 680 and pounds 610 (20m) Blossom Hill.

The mart had forward 4,629 store lambs of all classes.

BB 113.5 The Hill Farm, 103.5 Rose Farm, 101.5 Brinns Farm, 100.5

Bog Hall, 100.5 Kirkland Hall.

At the mart’s fortnightly sale of store and beef breeding

cattle, there were 389 store cattle and 35 beef breeding cattle forward.

Late rates were easily upheld to a top of pounds 790 for a Lim X hfr

with bull calf from Standen Hey.

pounds 495 Tone Hall (11m); pounds 480 Norwood; pounds 470 Paxton

Dene and Colwell Demesne;

Store lambs: Suff Xs pounds 41.20 D’Mainholm, pounds 40.20

Glenkiln, pounds 39.20 Glendhu, pounds 39 Hermitage.

Blonde pounds 710.68 Little Galla Farm.

B/face pounds 45 and 100p Thornley Hall, pounds 40 and 85.1p


3 J Charlton Hillend pounds 71.

Angus bks (green CID) pounds 455 Arthuret.

G/face pounds 44.20 and pounds 41.20 Woodhall.

Lot 1074, William J Knox, Haddo Judge, 6,000gns to T A Jackson,

Boat Farm, Thankerton, Biggar, Lanakrshire; A Barr, Parkhouse,

Quothquan, Biggar, Lanarkshire.

Char X pounds 580 Thrunton Lowfield (18m)

Leading prices: Blackface pounds 74 Greenleighton, pounds 71

Yatesfield, pounds 70 Townfoot, Duns Houses, Penpeugh, Redesmouth,

pounds 69 Duns House, pounds 68 Penpeugh, pounds 66 Yatesfield, pounds

66 The Brigg, pounds 65 Duns Houses, pounds 65 Newbiggin, pounds 64 and

pounds 62 Greenleighton, pounds 60 Yatesfield, Townfoot, Cranberry Brow,

Pottsdurtrees, Greenleighton, Townshield.

Leading bullock prices (all Xs): Lim pounds 786.63, pounds 773.85,

pounds 747.18, pounds 740.18, pounds 736.38, pounds 710.60 Old Hall

Farm, pounds 754.08 Wavercroft Farm, pounds 719.33 Greenhills, pounds

700.15 Sceughmire, pounds 697 Northdyke Farm. Swaledale pounds 22.20

Willimoteswick Farm, pounds 19.70, pounds 16.90 Hargill House, pounds

17.30 Broadmea. Sim pounds 620.13 Claremont Properties. Third prize pen, J Browell Sons,

Quarry House, sold at pounds 82 to A and D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall.

The weekly prime stock sale presented 142 prime cattle, 59 prime

bulls, 3,006 lambs and 199 cast ewes and rams.

Swaledale pounds 70 Low Leam (WT), pounds 56 Garretshields, pounds

49 Townfoot, pounds 46 Greenleighton,

Suffolk, pounds 46 Greenways, pounds 42.80 West Underheath.

Buyers were out in force with demand excellent for the first sale.

Parth 95.5 Thwaites Farm.

BB 116.5 (x2) Stanger Hill.

Top prices: Mule ewe lambs pounds 83 Homilton, pounds 82 Broomhope

and Quarry House.

Steers on Blue:

Lot 1177, J D Houghton, Isherwood Farm, Affetside, Bury,

Lancashire, Tophill Jewel, 20,000gns to T MacTaggart, Rascarrel Farm,

Auchencairn, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire; Boden and Davies Ltd,

Mellor Hall Farm, Mellor, Nr Stockport, Cheshire; Idris Morris, Y

Fachell, Llanddeiniolen, Caernarfon.

BB pounds 632.08, pounds 594.50 Claremont Properties, pounds 596.40

Walby Grange.

The top price was 134.5p per kg paid for a Lim X hfr shown by

Messrs Graham, Miller Hill, Gilsland and bought by S Stoddart, Wigton.

This also made the top price per head of pounds 723.25. Blonde, pounds 696.33 Old

Hall Farm. BB bks

(green CID) pounds 580 Loughrigg, pounds 555 Galemire House.

115.5p Latterford, 113.3p Mickley Moor, 109.1p Flotterton, 108.4p

Beaumont House, 104.4p Flotterton, 102.2p Latterford, 101.6p Rusheylaw.

Lambs: Fewer lambs forward on the week. Blackface pounds 33

Carrick, pounds 32 Burdonside, pounds 30.80 Rookland, pounds 30 Carrick,

pounds 29.80 and pounds 29.20 Harsondale, pounds 28.50 Rookland, pounds

28 West End Town, pounds 27.40 Hopefoot, pounds 26.80 Townfoot.

Copyright 2003 Gale, Cengage Learning. A poorer show of mainly grass fed prime

cattle met a more hesitant demand.

B/face pounds 46 The Steel, pounds 41.80 Hotbank, pounds 38.20

Broomhope, pounds 38 Lee Hall, pounds 37.50 Beamwham and Penpeugh.

The mart forward 35 cattle, 4,830 prime lambs and 583 cast ewes and


Suffolk pounds 33 Inveresk Reasearch. Rams to pounds 24 averaging

pounds 23.03.

BB X pounds 398 Theakston Grange; pounds 388 Bishopton. MRI pounds 586.23

Dinwoodie Green. B/face, pounds 17.80 Willimoteswick Farm.

Lambs over 35kg – Tex pounds 48.20 Greta Farm, pounds 46.80 High

Parkwall, pounds 45.50 East Newhouses, pounds 44.50 Hetherick, pounds

43.50 Village Farm, pounds 43.50 Dirt Pitt.

123.7p Hedley Park, 118.8p Blackburn, 118.4p Cooper House, 117.8p

Hallington New House, 117.2p Airey Hill, 116.3p Hedley Park.

At the sale of Hill Cheviots and B/faces, 1,001 Cheviots and 1,210

B/faces were forward.

Leading lamb prices (all Xs): Beltex pounds 68 Thirlwall Castle,

pounds 61.20 Newbiggin Hall.

Top prices: N C Cheviot pounds 41.50 Carrick; Tex X pounds 38.80

Girsonfield, pounds 36 The Haining, pounds 34.80 Burdonside, pounds

34.50 Low Carriteth, Suff X pounds 38 Hepple Whitefield, pounds 35.80


1 J D Longlands Tonehall pounds 84;

Lot 230, Gordon Gray, 4,000gns to K A and R Campbell, as lot 228.

Suff X pounds 56.50 Satley Farm, pounds 53.20 Thornley Hall,

Lim bks (blue CID) pounds 628 Streethead, pounds 600 The Haven,

pounds 595 Lodge Hill, pounds 590, pounds 580 Galemire, pounds 560

Ryehills (Hogg), pounds 548, pounds 540 The Flex, pounds 535 How


The mart sold 583 cast ewes and rams.

Top of pounds 33.50 for a pen of pounds 33.50 for a pen of 120 from

Tweedshaws, followed at pounds 31.20 Langholm Farms, pounds 30 Dunblane.

Ewe lambs to pounds 32 Stobohope.

Other Prizes:

Prize List:

The syndicate, who will use the ram by AI, are Allen Cullen, for

his Craighead flock, at Carluke, Lanark, Doug Nesbitt and sons Steven

and David for their Alwent flock at Winston, Darlington, and Jim Black for his Corrie flock at Lockerbie.

Tex X pounds 40 Breckon Hill, pounds 39 Hedley Park, pounds 38 Hot

Bank, pounds 36.80 Morrow Edge, pounds 34 Hedley Park and Huntershield,

pounds 33 Currock Hill.

Beltex pounds 51 and 115.90p Morrow Edge, pounds 46.80 and 117p

Middle Dukesfield.

Sim 94.5 Fern House.

At 20,000gns was Tophill Jewel bred by J D Houghton, of Isherwood

Farm, Affetside, Bury, Lancashire, which sold to T MacTaggart, Rascarrel

Farm, Auchencairn, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire; Boden

Davies Ltd, Mellor Hall Farm, Mellor, near Stockport, Cheshire; Idris

Morris, Y Fachell, Llanddeiniolen, Caernarfon.

Lim X pounds 745 and pounds 720 Hedley West (19/21m); pounds 672,

pounds 670, pounds 662 and pounds 655 Homilton (18m); pounds 635 Colwell

Demesne (20m);

Top, averages LW 97.50 (97.50) SW 103.09 (101.26) MW 117.73 (99.02)

HW 110.21 (98.35) OW 107.04 (101.85)

Blonde pounds 480.08 High Bow.

Mule pounds 35.50 Hareshaw, pounds 35 Harsondale, pounds 32

Carrick, 330 Benshaw Moor, pounds 29.50 Hepple Whitefield, pounds 28.80


Sim bks (blue CID) pounds 625 Galemire House, pounds 495 Moss Side.

Lot 227, Gordon Gray, 2,000gns to P E Starkey, Elgendon Dale Road,

Elloughton, Brough, East Yorkshire.

G/face pounds 36.80 Woodside, pounds 36 Over Whitlaw, pounds 35.80

High Burnfoot and Glentoo, pounds 35.50 Hole of Lyne.

Tupping lambs maintained the strong rates of the first sale with

running lambs a good level trade throughout.

Charollais pounds 45.80 and pounds 44.20 High Hall, pounds 44.20

Fellside (Pears), pounds 42.80 Riggwood.

Suffolk X (ex Mule):

Cheviot Mule pounds 36.80 Easter Alemoor.

Holst X bks (blue CID) pounds 410, pounds 385 Sarkside.

Char bks (blue CID) pounds 575 How Cottage.

B/face: pounds 28.20 Dunns Houses, pounds 28 Penpeugh, pounds 27.50

Hot Bank, pounds 25 and pounds 22.20 Toft House, pounds 22 Dunns Houses,

pounds 21.20 Lee Hall.

Angus bks (blue CID) pounds 600 Bush on Lyne, pounds 540 Arthuret

and Galemire House, pounds 525 Arthuret, pounds 468 Spadeadam.

Blonde X pounds 600 and pounds 595 Springwood (17m).

GF pounds 24.50 Lessonhall (Dixon).

Prime sheep – Lambs: A good quality entry of lambs were forward.

Following the recent fall in price all classes were cheaper, although a

satisfactory trade resulted.

Chev X pounds 42.80 Dunshiel, pounds 38 Townshield, Grindon Hill

and Three Farms.

The top price was pounds 57.80 for a pen of Texel cross lambs shown

by G N and D M Bowe, Bothel Parks and bought by R J Harrison, butcher,


Before the sale the show of mule ewe lambs, sponsored by Robson

Cowan, Scots Gap, was judged by Harry Birnie, East Gowkhill Farm,

Maud, Peterhead, who made the awards as follows:

pounds 76, Carry House, Whiteside, Low Leam (x2), pounds 75

Cranberry Brow, Rusheylaw (x2), The Steel, Low Leam, (x2), pounds 74

Carry House, The Steel, Burnbank, Broomhope, Brownleazes, Quarry house,

(x2), West Nubbuck, Low Leam.

Lim pounds 592 Wood Farm.

Before the sale, judge Charles Thornally awarded the Edward Jackson Silver Challenge Cup to Messrs J D Longlands, Tonehall, with an

outstanding pen of Suff X mule ewe lambs which made pounds 84.

Char X pounds 600 (x2) Rusheylaw; pounds 580 Coldwell;

pounds 575 Little Harle; pounds 572 Norwood; pounds 562 East Newham

and Linbriggs; pounds 550 and pounds 545 East Newham; pounds 530 Colwell


Bullocks made a top price of 113.25p per kg for a BB shown by D G

and B E Hurst, The Hill Farm, Silloth and bought by Forth Meat Supplies,


Mule pounds 59.50 Watch Currock, pounds 48.20 Rusheylaw, pounds

46.80 Kellah, pounds 46 and pounds 45.60 Rusheylaw, pounds 45.30

Broomhope, pounds 44.80 Beacon Rigg.

pounds 570 and pounds 560 Rusheylaw; pounds 550 Little Harle;

pounds 542 and pounds 540 Tone Hall (11m); pounds 525 Reenes; pounds 518

and pounds 505 Coldwell.

Parth; 112.5 and 104.5 Marina House.

Leading bull prices (all Xs):

pounds 630 Homilton (18m) and Springwood (17m); pounds 602

Springwood (17m); pounds 580, pounds 545 and pounds 535 Old Ravensworth

(18m); pounds 530 Thrunton Lowfield (15m); pounds 515 South Farm

Kirkheaton (14m).

Store Lambs:

Suff X mule pounds 73, pounds 70 Hollin Hill; Suff X pounds 66 and

pounds 62 East Trewick; Feeding ewes (123).

A good show of both tupping and running lambs were on offer to a

full ring of buyers.

North Country Cheviots sold to pounds 39.80 Gillesbie Farms,

closely followed at pounds 39 Meiklewhitriggs and pounds 38 Effgill.

Char 104.5 and 103.5 Rose Farm, 103.5 Brinns Farm, 102.5 Kirkland


Suffolk X pounds 56.50 Satley Farm, pounds 53.20 Thornley Hall,

pounds 51.80 Parsons Byres, pounds 50 Satley Farm, pounds 49.80 Blakeley

Hill Farm, pounds 49.60 High Wiserley, pounds 49.50 Hargill Farm, pounds

49 Parsons Byres and Lunns House, pounds 48.50 Stockley Burn Farm,

pounds 47.40 and pounds 47.20 Nettlesworth West Ho, pounds 47.20 Baal

Hill, Rosehill and West Shield, pounds 47 Friarside.

Trade for quality lambs were in demand with secondary sorts harder

to sell.

Lot 758, Douganhill Farms, Orchardtown Mains, Palnackie, Castle

Douglas, Douganhill Jeronimo, 48,000gns to M M A Ridley,

Haltcliffe, Hesket-new-Market, Wigton, Cumbria.

Tex X pounds 52.20 Satley Farm, pounds 52 Grange Farm,

There was an entry of 2,047 Blackface and Swaledale ewe lambs.

Mule: pounds 40 Low House Farm, pounds 38 Ambling Gate, pounds 36

Thornley Park; 95.2p Low House Farm, 94.7p Thornley Park, 90.5p Ambling


The mart had forward 2,155 store lambs.

Lim 134.5, 131.5 and 129.5 Miller Hill; 115.5 and 103.5 Bothel

Parks, 114.5 and 104.5 Lessonhall (Dixon), 102.5 Tarnrigg Moor.

Angus X hfr with calf pounds 500 Limekilns.

Steers on Red:

Lim 112.5 New Godderthwaite, 111.5, 108.5 and 105.5 Old Hall, 109.5

Moorend, 108.5 Grassknop, 108.5 and 100.5 Cumrew Farm, 106.5, 105.5 and

104.5 Wall House, 106.5 Swallow Dene, 106.5, 105.5 and 103.5 Brinns

Farm, 105.5 Oulton House, 105.5 Kirkland Guards, 104.5 Bog Hall, 104.5

Croft Farm (Rickerby), 104.5 The Hill Farm, 104.5 Miller Hill, 104.5 Low

Blaithwaite, 103.5 Midtown Farm (Armstrong), 103.5 Low Bank End Farm,

103.5 Wavercroft, 103.5 Wreay Hall Farm, 102.5 Fingland, 102.5 Fern

House, 101.5 Bothel Parks, 100.5 Bromfield Hall, 100.5 Rose Farm, 100.5

West End Farm.

Ewes – Swaledale pounds 21.20 Dirt Pitt, pounds 17.80 Village Farm.

Swaledale Rams, pounds 24 Lane Head, pounds 24 Hield House.

The top price per head for a bullock was pounds 760.72 for a

Limousin shown by A D and A Richardson, Low Bank End Farm, Appleby.

Top price per kilo was 143ppk for a pen of Tex X lambs from Messrs

Jenkinson of Clifton Moor Farm, bought by Steven Stoddart.

Lot 1070, William J Knox, Mid Haddo, Fyvie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire,

Haddo Jolt, 10,000gns to J and W Mellin, Hull House, Hellifield,

Skipton, North Yorkshire (champion).

Top price per kilo was 117.73p for a pen of Tex X lambs shown by J

J Harker and Sons, Lane Head Farm, Boltongate, Wigton and bought by S

Stoddart for D Nattrass, butcher, The Market, Carlisle

Lleyn pounds 44.20 Norman Farm.

pounds 465 and pounds 462 Little Harle; pounds 452, pounds 445 and

pounds 442 (x2) Tone Hall (10/11m); pounds 440 Snitter and Teakston


pounds 51.30 Baal Hill; 110p 109.6p High Hedley Hope, 108.5p

106.8p Stockley Burn, 105.7p Low Wiserley.

Charollais, pounds 47 Newton Lodge, pounds 46.20 High Park Wall,

pounds 42.80 Wool House.

South Devon hfrs pounds 310 Nettling Flatt.

Top price for mule wether lambs is pounds 35.50 for a pen from


Charollais X pounds 38 Close.

1 M Davy Warton pounds 66;

B/face, pounds 41.80 Reathwaite Farm, pounds 41.80 The Faulds.

Tex pounds 37.20 Scotby Ghyll Farm, pounds 35.80 Parkhead, pounds

34.80 Bolton Wood House, pounds 33.20 Gift Hall Farm, pounds 33

Newbiggin Hall.

Cattle: BB 108.5p Black Heddon. B/face: pounds 45 and 100p Thornley Hall, pounds 40 and 85.1p


BDM: pounds 27 Aiglegill

Hexham Northern Marts held their prize show and sale of 3,957

top mule ewe lambs on behalf of The North of England Mule Sheep


Lot 782, G H and C M Wilkinson, Arkleby House, Arkleby, Aspatria,

Arkle Jaguar, 26,000gns to J Cullen, Craighead Farm, Kilncadzow,

Carluke, Lanarkshire; Firm of R Black, Craighouse, Corrie, Lockerbie,

Dumfriesshire; T Nesbitt Son, Alwent Hall, Winston, Darlington,

County Durham.

105.4p West Shield, 103.8p High Toft Hill, 103.6p Parsons Byre,

103.3p High Wiserely, Thornley Hall, Woodlands Place, 103.2p Stockley

Burn, 103.1p Hargill Farm, 103p Nettlesworth West Ho, 102.7p East Park

Farm and Satley Farm, 102.6p West Shield, Rosehill, Baal Hill and

Nettlesworth West Ho, 102.4p Wales Moor Farm.

A large show of prime sheep saw prices not as good as previous

weeks, along with the national trend.

Suff X pounds 43 Whitehall (DB), pounds 40.20 Mickley Moor, pounds

40 Todburn, pounds 30.50 East Uppertown.

95p Hotbank, 93.9p the Steel, 91.5p Beamwham, 91p Broomhope, 89.3p

Penpeugh, 89 Dunshiel.

Suff X pounds 54.80 Brokenheugh, pounds 52.80 Mickley Moor, pounds

52.50 Black Heddon, pounds 51.80 Thockrington Farm, pounds 51 Errington

Red House and Whitechapel, pounds 50.80 Dewlaw.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

95.2p Low House Farm, 94.7p Thornley Park, 90.5p Ambling Gate,

86.3p Stewartshields.

From William Knox’s Haddo flock at Fyvie, Turriff,

Aberdeenshire, Haddo Jolt, sold to J and W Mellin, Hull House,

Hellifield, Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Lot 76, Douganhill Farms, Douganhill, 1,800gns to R and J

Mullholland, Midtown Farm, Great Orton, Carlisle, Cumbria (reserve


101.9p Dunshiel, 97.4p Townshiel, 95p Grindon Hill.

B/W 85.5 Wellington Farm, 85.5 Priory Farm, 84.5 Prospect Farm.

Lot 419, P K Woof, Storth End Farm, Stainton, Kendal, Cumbria,

Stainton Instructor, 6,000gns to G E Hunter, Beck Houses, Greyrigg,

Kendal, Cumbria.

Hill Chev X pounds 30, pounds 29.80 Bellshiel. Char pounds 680.23 Old Hall Farm.

Lot 977, P Richardson, Sandhills Farm, Bassenthwaite, Keswick,

Cumbria, Skiddaw Justice, 9,000gns to Karen Wight, Rowen Green, Camps

Road, Crawford, Biggar, Lanarkshire; G A Gibson and Co, Cowgrove Farm,

Galston, Ayrshire.

Leading hfr prices (all Xs): BB pounds 623.10 Skelcies Hall.

45.6kg-52kg to 100p averaging 98ppk; 52kg to 98p averaging 95ppk.

Ewes to pounds 21.20 averaging pounds 15.31. Lim

pounds 506.80 Baileytown, pounds 490.10 Randalholme, pounds 472.70

Mirkbooths, pounds 458.45 Longhurst. Blonde X

pounds 615 East Newham; pounds 440 Theakston Grange.

The drought and recent fall in the finished market meant buyers

proved cautious.

Hill Cheviot pounds 60 Wavercroft Farm, pounds 49.40, pounds 49.10,

pounds 47 Bog Hall, pounds 49 Reddings.

A small but quality entry of ewe lambs met a strong enquiry


Feeding ewes were again good to sell to a top of pounds 34 for

Texels from Winshield, who also sold Swaledales at pounds 18, G/faces to

pounds 32.50, Lynnshield, and B/faces pounds 14.50 Fenwick.

Mule pounds 36 Thockrington, pounds 34 Wall Town Farm, pounds 33.50

Morrow Edge, pounds 33 West Hayden, the Birks, Little Swinburne, Morrow

Edge, pounds 31.80 Glebe Farm, pounds 31.50 Dunns Houses.

The shearling ram from Andrew and Mark Quick, of Crediton, Devon,

was bought by a syndicate of three Scottish pedigree breeders, John

Forsyth, for his Glenside flock, of Maybole, Ayrshire, Colin Mair,

Muiresk flock, of Turriff, Aberdeenshire, and Jimmy Douglas, Cairness

flock, of Fraserburgh.

Hereford, pounds 545.75 Mirkbooths.

Blonde 101.5 Sandwath Farm.

Sim hfrs pounds 470, pounds 458 Chapeltown, pounds 420, pounds 360


Other princiapl prices -

Top of pounds 44.80 for Suff Xs from Lynnshield; Tex Xs pounds 44

Enthorn; BDM X pounds 43.50 Ewesbank; Charollais X pounds 39 Ewesbank;

G/face pounds 37.20 Bailey Mill; Cheviot mule pounds 38.50 Rushend;

Lleyns pounds 34 Over Whitlaw; Swale pounds 21.50 Winshield. Tup lambs

to pounds 33 Glenkiln.

Leading bullock prices (all Xs): Lim pounds 786.63, pounds 773.85,

pounds 747.18, pounds 740.18, pounds 736.38, pounds 710.60 Old Hall

Farm, pounds 754.08 Wavercroft Farm, pounds 719.33 Greenhills, pounds

700.15 Sceughmire, pounds 697 Northdyke Farm.

Mule, pounds 42 High Cross, pounds 42 Step Ends, pounds 41.20 East


Greyface pounds 49.40 Bygate, pounds 45.70, pounds 43 Glenzierfoot,

pounds 44.70 Bog Hall, pounds 44 Parkgate Hall, pounds 43.90 Bog Hall,

pounds 43.70, pounds 43.10 Claremont Properties.

Leading prices -

109.6p Stone Hall, 106.2p Halton Red House, 105.6p Loadman, 104.9p

Fell Lane, 104.7p Black Heddon, 104.3p Cowbyres.

Tex X pounds 37 Townfoot, Slaley.

Champion pen R Carr, Homilton, sold at pounds 83 to J Bell, East

Wingates. All rights reserved.

Lot 1206, Andrew Dunbar, Kerse, Johnstonbridge, Lockerbie, Kerse

Jonah, 4,000gns to P Richardson, Sandhills, Bassenthwaite, Keswick,


Char X pounds 730 Hedley West; pounds 680 and pounds 670 Thrunton

Lowfield; pounds 625 Peppermoor.

Black Whites pounds 584.33, pounds 527 Edenbank Farm, pounds

569.63, pounds 525.53 Wood Farm, pounds 533.80 Dinwoodie Green, pounds

502.78 South View.

Char X pounds 51 Mickley Moor, pounds 50.80 Laterford, pounds 49.80

Rusheylaw, pounds 47 Latteford and Flotterton, pounds 4660 Beaumont

House, pounds 45.80 Flotterton.

pounds 51.80 Parsons Byres; 105.4p West Shield, 103.8p High Toft

Hill, 103.6p Parsons Byre.

The sale average for Cheviots was up pounds 4.02 on the year.

Simm pounds 620.13 Claremont Properties.

Lot 1114, R and M Struthers, Collielaw Farm, Carluke, Lanark,

Collielaw Jumbo, 5,000gns to R and J Osborne, Castlehill, Durisdeer,

Thornhill, Dumfries; J and C Hastings, Rosehill, Holywood, Dumfries.

. Charolais pounds 680.23 Old

Hall Farm.

Suff pounds 55 Lessonhall (Dixon), pounds 51 Manor Farm, pounds

49.20 Clea Hall, pounds 48.50 Bolton Cottage Farm, pounds 47.20 High

Hall, pounds 46.80 Lane Head Farm, pounds 45.80 Westward Parks.

Blonde 98.5 Sandwath Farm, 97.5 Moorend.

2 A J and H Gordon, Old Deanham pounds 68.

Lot 922, John Forsyth, Lochlands Farm, Maybole, Ayrshire, Glenside

Junior, 11,000gns to JD Houghton, Isherwood Farm, Affetside, Bury,


Top, averages: Steers Heavy 97.5p, 92.6p Heifers Medium 106.5p,

94.5p Heavy 108.5p, 94.4p

Leading flock averages -

The sale – the biggest two-day sale of Texels in England, Scotland

and Wales with more than 1,200 rams and females sold – was a great show

for the Solway and Tyne Texel Breeders Club.

Leic pounds 31.50 Hot Bank.

Centre records were smashed when a pedigree Texel ram sold for

120,000gns – 2,000gns short of the world record for a sheep.

B/W88.5 Dockray Farm.

Lot 228, Gordon Gray, Lindean, Selkirk, Ettrick, 4,100gns to K A

and R Campbell, Drimsynie Estates, Lochgoilhead, Argyll.

The champion selected by judge Muriel Johnston, of Courthill,

Crocketford, Dumfries, sold for the joint sixth top price of the sale at

10,000gns, with three other rams selling for 11,000gns apiece.

Blackface wethers sold to a top of pounds 33 twice for pens from

Carrick and Townfield.

110p and 109.6p High Hedley Hope, 108.5p and 106.8p Stockley Burn,

105.7p Low Wiserley, 105.2p Nettlesworth West Ho, 105p Thornley

Park104.8p Low Wiserley and East Park Farm, 104.7p High Toft Hill,

104.5p Hargill Farm and Baal Hill, 104.3p and 104p Thornley Hall,

Lim X pounds 645 Cheviot; pounds 610 Paxton Dene; pounds 600 East

Newham (x2) and Garretshields;

Lim X pounds 710 China Hall; pounds 685 Thrunton Lowfield; pounds

680 China Hall; pounds 675 Colwell Demesne; pounds 670 and pounds 660

China Hall; pounds 615 Keepershield; pounds 612 High Alderheads.

MRI pounds 586.23 Dinwoodie Green.

Sim X pounds 610 West Uppertown; pounds 490 Bishopton; pounds 475

Little Harle; pounds 460 Bishopton.

Blonde d’Aquitaine hfrs pounds 290 Whitehouse.

Rams: Lot 645, E W Quick, Zeal Monachorum, Crediton, Devon,

Loosebeare Imp, 120,000gns to J P Forsyth, Glenside Farm, Maybole,

Ayrshire; J G Douglas, Woodhead of Cairness, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire;

S G Mair and Sons, Kinnermit, Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

At the sale of B/faces, again trade was sharper with plenty of

buyers present, all classes showed a rise of pounds 4.28 on the year.

Lim 115.5 Midtown (Graham), 115.5 and 103.5 Greenhill Farm, 114.5

High Plasketlands, 109.5, 107.5 and 106.5 Clea Mire, 107.5 and 103.5

Midtown Farm (Gray); 100.5 Priory Farm.

Top price per head was pounds 68 for a pen of Beltex Xs from Messrs

Scott of Thirlwall Castle, bought by butcher Messrs Mullholland of Great


Breeding cattle -

Averages lambs 17-34kg to 94p averaging 84.79ppk; 34.1kg-39kg to

104p averaging 97.59ppk; 39.1kg-45.6kg to 105 averaging 102.16ppk;

Lot 1178, J D Houghton, Tophill Jetstream, 11,000gns to Firm of G

Gray, Sunnycroft, Linden, Selkirk; Karen Wight, Rowen Green, Camps Road,

Crawford, Biggar, Lanarkshire; G A Gibson and Co, Cowgrove Farm,

Galston, Ayrshire.

Lim X cow with calf pounds 605 Churchstyle.

Aberdeen Angus breeding bull pounds 720 Hobbiesburn.

Top Prices

Lim X hfr with calf pounds 770 Courance Farms, pounds 720 Standen


100.7p Broomhope, 98.6p Hareshaw, 97.9p Rusheylaw, 97.7p Lee Hall,

97.6p Fairnley, 97.4p Beacon Rigg.

Leading averages: Quarry House 191, average pounds 78.12; The Steel

205, average pounds 74.39; Carry House 150, average pounds 73.16; Low

Leam 200, average pounds 73; Rusheylaw 69, average pounds 72.97;

Yatesfield 75, average pounds 72.66.

BB hfrs pounds 318 Galemire House, pounds 310, pounds 300

Winterhope, pounds 300 Moss Side.

Suff pounds 48.20, pounds 47.40 Bygate, pounds 48 Grapes Farm,

pounds 47.90, pounds 47.70 Allerby Hall, pounds 47 Parkhead Farm, pounds

46.90 Sandwath Farm, pounds 46 (x2) High Floweryhirst, pounds 45.70 East

View, pounds 45.50 Pasture House, pounds 45.40 Shield Green, pounds

45.20 Steeley Farm, pounds 45 Street House.

Lot 879, Alastair Gault, Newtonabbey, County Antrim, Northern

Ireland, Forkins Jacko, 11,000gns to K D and D E Millar and Ptrs,

Crookholm Farm, Canonbie, Dumfriesshire; J W Irving, No 6 Stonehouse,

Gretna, Dumfriesshire.

2 G D Herdman Edlingham Demesne pounds 70;

Charollais pounds 58, pounds 44.90 Braithwaite Hall, pounds 48.10

Parkhead Farm, pounds 46.90 Kilnclose Farm, pounds 46.40 Bascodyke,

pounds 45 Glenzierfoot, pounds 44 Cracrop, pounds 44 Old Silloth Farm,

pounds 44 Fernbank.

The mart sold 827 sheep including 116 ewes and rams.

At the weekly sale of hay, straw and other fodder crops round bales

of hay sold to pounds 52 per tonne. Char pounds

619.13 Claremont Properties. Stephen Grahams

consignment of cattle averaged 125p.

Tex X pounds 41.50 Hermitage, pounds 40 Peterburn, pounds 38.50

Glentoo, pounds 38 Glenkiln, pounds 37.80 Stoneygill.

The weekly prime stock sale presented 142 prime cattle, 59 prime

bulls, 3,006 lambs and 199 cast ewes and rams.

Char pounds 619.13 Claremont Properties.

Lean mule ewes to pounds 25 Fallowfield; Scottish B/face to pounds

18.50 Redesdale.

Leading hfr prices (all Xs): BB pounds 623.10 Skelcies Hall. Lim pounds 592 Wood Farm. Mini hessian barley straw sold to pounds 39 per tonne.

The sale was topped at pounds 745 for a Lim X Steer on Blue from

Hedley West with heifers selling to pounds 645 for Lim X from Cheviot


Angus hfrs pounds 490, pounds 410 Bush on Lyne, pounds 440, pounds

402 Galemire.

Leading prices (all Xs): Lambs to 35kg, Swaledale, pounds 28.50

Revelin, pounds 27.20 Valance Lodge, pounds 26.80 Woolpit Hills, pounds

26.80 Low Rigg.

Bulls sold to 116.5p per kg twice, both paid to Messrs Fell,

Stanger Hill, Whitrigg for BB Xs and both bought by S Stoddart for D

Nattrass, The Market, Carlisle.

Leading ewe prices (all Xs): B/faced Leicester, pounds 47.20,

pounds 43.50 Albert Cottage, pounds 38.30, pounds 34.30 Haining House.

G/face pounds 44.60 Hunley Farm, pounds 30.60 Shield Green, pounds 30.20

Newby Hall.

Lim pounds 506.80 Baileytown, pounds 490.10 Randalholme, pounds

472.70 Mirkbooths, pounds 458.45 Longhurst.

Char hfrs pounds 495 Chapeltown, pounds 430, pounds 420, pounds

415, pounds 402 Arthuret.

Another useful selection of cattle met a stronger trade on the


Saler hfrs pounds 290 Dornock House.

Lot 968, Robert Mulligan, Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland,

Brague Jodami, 7,000gns to D P Currie and Son, Beautry House, Rathmell,

Settle, North Yorkshire.

Hopes Auction Co’s weekly sale of primestock had an entry of

216 prime cattle and 746 prime lambs including ewes.

Forward heifers, in particular, sold well above expectations.

Douganhill Jeronimo, shown by Brian MacTaggart and son David of

Orchardtown Mains, Palnackie, Castle Douglas, was bought by father and

son Matt and Craig Ridley of Haltcliffe, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton,


Lamb rams – Douganhill, 5, pounds 11,109; Tophill, 4, pounds

9,581.25; Arkle, 4, pounds 7,875; Haddo, 5, pounds 4,519.20; Skiddaw, 3,

pounds 3,674.83; Glenside, 4, pounds 3,399.37; Milnbank, 5, pounds

3,087; Brague, 4, pounds 2,940; Forkins, 5, pounds 2,614.50; Baltier, 5,

pounds 2,299.50; Corrielaw, 4, pounds 1,645.88; Lochar, 4, pounds

1,640.63; Ettrick, 5, pounds 1,554; Fachell, 5, pounds 1,539.30;

Crookholm, 5, pounds 1,211.70; Muiresk, 5, pounds 1,023.75.

However in many cases lambs met a better trade than expected.

Char X pounds 49.80 High Wiserley, pounds 49.40 Houselope Grange,

pounds 44 Hargill Farm, pounds 43.80 Brotherlee, pounds 42.60 and pounds

41.80 Newlands Hall

Principal prices -

Tex X pounds 54.20 Hedley Park, pounds 53.80 Hard Riding, pounds 53

Hallington New Houses, pounds 52.60 Low Ardley, pounds 52.50 Bardon

Mill, pounds 51.80 Corneyside.

Prime cattle: Bulls continued to sell well with trade being up to

last week’s high rates. Lim hfr 106.5p,

102.5p Black Heddon, 103.5p Peacock House.

Sim X cow with calf pounds 650 Whitehouse.

104.5p Newlands Hall, 104.3p Brotherlee, 103.9p Newlands Hall,

103.8p High Wiserely, 102.9p Houselope Grange.

Belg X pounds 500 Theakston Grange.

Tex pounds 66, pounds 59.50 Thirlwall Castle, pounds 65 Clifton

Moor Farm, pounds 57, pounds 56 Haltcliffe Bridge, pounds 57

Willimoteswick Farm, pounds 56.20, pounds 55 Tiffinthwaite Farm, pounds

55 (x2) Middle Farm.

Store cattle: Lim bks (green CID) pounds 580 Loughrigg. Quality well-finished sheep met a strong demand on a top of

123.7p/kg for Tex X lambs from Hedley Park.

Sim X pounds 635 and pounds 610 West Uppertown.

Selling at 26,000gns to another syndicate of breeders was the

February-born ram lamb Arkle Jaguar shown by George Wilkinson, of

Arkleby, Aspatria, with his father Harry.

Mont 92.5 and 91.5 Isel Old Park.

Tex X pounds 52.50 Satley Farm, pounds 52 Grange Farm, pounds 51.30

Baal Hill, pounds 50.50 Nettlesworth West Farm, pounds 49 Thornley Hall,

pounds 48.20 High Hedley Hope, pounds 47.60 Friarside, pounds 47.20 High

Wiserley, pounds 47 Stockley Burn, pounds 46.80 Thornley Hall and Grange

Farm, pounds 46.20 Greenland Farm, pounds 46 Rosehill, pounds 45.60 West

Shield, pounds 45 50 South Farm Cornsay.

Store lambs were forward in larger numbers and with more distant

buyers present for the first time, all classes met a strong demand at

late rates.

Char 116.5 Whitelees, 98.5 and 95.5 Tarnrigg Moor, 97.5 and 96.5


Hill Cheviots to pounds 35 Castle Crawford, pounds 34.50 Eldinhope

and Rushend who sold ewe lambs at pounds 33.

Charollais pounds 37.80, pounds 28.50 North Rigg Hill, pounds 30.80

Willimoteswick Farm, pounds 27 Albert Cottage.

Mule: pounds 40 Low House Farm, pounds 38 Ambling Gate, pounds 36

Thornley Park, pounds 35.40 Stewartshield, pounds 32 Rosehill.

Lot 906, Margaret I Lyon, Milnbank, Ardmiddle, Turriff,

Aberdeenshire, Milnbank Jubilee, 10,000gns to PK Woof, Storth End Farm,

Stainton, Kendal, Cumbria; R S and J Bradley, Far Hey Farm, Cross Lane,

Salterforth, Colne, Lancs.

Leading bull prices (all Xs): Blonde, pounds 710.68 Little Galla

Farm. Hereford pounds 545.75 Mirkbooths.

The mart had forward 580 ewe lambs at their sale of Suffolk and

Texel X ewe lambs incorporating the Rothbury Sale.

Top prices: Tex X ewe lambs to pounds 80 for a pen of 3/4 bred

Texels from Hallington Newhouses.

Averages, Trend 15 aged rams, pounds 480.90 -pounds 109.54 327

shearling rams pounds 899.47 +pounds 236.01 391 lamb rams, pounds

1,025.43 +pounds 462.06 196 shearling gimmers pounds 435.29 +pounds

73.75) 18 ewe lambs pounds 257.83 -pounds 58.22

Sim X pounds 642 Thrunton Lowfield

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