Are some people born lucky?

. If you are not proficient in reading returns or transits on your own, an astrologer can help read these to tell your when and where your luck may be best in the coming months.

6. Look for return charts and transits that hit or highlight any of the above points. Any planet or cusp or midpoint at this degree is considered a great gift from the cosmos. Both the Part of Fortune in the natal chart and by transit can bring luck.

Any good reading starts with a birth chart drawn with an accurate birth time. There is some difference of opinion about the heart of the lion, however, so I thought I better mention it.

But remember that the best luck is the kind we make ourselves. This is not a lucky sign: Sagittarius and Pisces (the signs ruled by Jupiter) would be preferable, but no dice, I’ve got the puritanical Virgin.

3. For most charts, the condition of the ruler of the fifth house cusp will tell enough of the story. Spica landing on a cusp by progression will bring luck in the blessed house. In that way, we are all born under a lucky star (though some more than others!)

4. 7. Look at the condition of the ruler of the fifth house in the natal chart. It is conjunct the South Node and Uranus. Calculate the Part of Fortune. Look for Spica (24 degrees Libra) and see if any natal planets or house cusps are within five degrees of her. This augurs well for the chartholder.

Now, with your natal chart in front of you -

9. Look for the cusp of the fifth house.

5. Mercury is combust the sun, in Aries, and in the 12th house. Jupiter in the fifth would normally be good news, but my Jupiter is extraordinarily weak. I haven’t seen this to be the case. Too bad for me. If you don’t have your natal chart, shout out to me in the comments and I’ll email you directions to getting one free. What sign is it in? For example, my fifth house is in Virgo. What planets inhabit the fifth house? I have Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. Those are three strikes, so I won’t go on, but the news just gets worse when I look at aspects and progressions.

1. Determine the ruler of the sign on the fifth house cusp. When someone has this degree prominent in the natal chart or highlighted in a return chart or by transit, it means “a sudden rise and a sudden fall.” Since the person is left reeling by the fall, I don’t consider this a fortunate position. Look at twenty-nine degrees of Cancer, called the Millionaire’s degree. And so on. Using my chart again, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Some people consider twenty-nine degrees of Leo (Regulus) to be lucky. However, if one wants to look further -

2. (A degree highlighted in Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates’s charts respectively.)

8. A year that has the degree of natal Jupiter rising portends well. Now, in my natal chart, I’m in trouble

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