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how is that country. I heard lot about kerala and Goa. How well could you live on $674/month in India?

Can you tell me the name of any prime minister or president of India?

What you think about India’s future?

Do you want to know anything about India from me?

What name wud u give, if you were to re-name India?

What you expect form a Indian people?

Happy holi to all of you.How are you going to celebrate holi?

Does you ever marry a Indian man/woman? and why?

Why do people from west have so many miss conception and bad attitude towards india and indian people?

Is it legal for women to wear bikinis at public beaches in India?

Years ago when I was in India you could buy hash and opium from stalls on the street. Good advice IYO?

What part of India is good for travelling?

Who is the father of india?

What is the best time or the peak season to visit India?

Is narendra modi a wise chief minister?

What is meant by communalism in the indian context?

Will India beats China in population?

Wats d capital of India

Where should i go in India at Christmas Holidays?

I Have planed to visit India, I’d like to know some basicly common knowledge? pls

I’ve always been fascinated by other countries and my top one to visit is India. where should I go?

$674/month is the standard SSI payment in the United States. Could India ever host a Summer Olympics? Do they have the sporting facilities it takes to do so? If so, then which Indian city/cities would make best host? Or does India lack proper facilities??

What is the difference between logistic post express parcel post with reference to postal department of india?

What u people in the world think of India?

How can I travel all over India without spending lots of money?

Which are the best rates and places for buying a middle class home [one bedroom, hall and kitchen] at Hyderabad, India?

How can a tourism management student get a job in government service of India?

When did man first go to India?

What was the first full-length Hindi film made in color?

Can call centres provide a good career in India?

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. But the truth is I’m quite scared of new places. Was this a good decision? What alternative tactic might she have used instead?

WHY is light skin tone a traditional or a modern obsession in India?

Is Mumbai City Prepared For Terrorist ??????????And Also For Calamities?

The linked photo was supposedly shot in INDIA. Why?

In these times, the US is chiefly outsourcing I.T. K.L. Is India a good ally of U.S.A.

What is the image of INDIA for you?

Has anyone ever backpacked around India?

Why do so many Indian restaurants have Christmas type lights all year round?

How is Greece connected with India getting its name?

How did india gain its independence from british imperialism

In the bank passbooks issued for bank accounts in India, why they do they not print the SWIFT coded number so that any person knows if they want to send money to that account they can use that code?

I’m East-Indian but born and raised in Ontario Canada. Misra, Ex-Advocate General (U.P.), India?

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What is your impression of India?Be honest.

which is largest distric of Kerala?

a:Thrissur b:palakkad

c:kottayam d:kollam


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Call Girls In Delhi Call On 09818101056. Has much changed? How are Pakistan and India resloving issues today?

What the hell’s that on your forehead, some kind of dot?

who’s the best chief minister????

what do you think about India ?

Why doesn’t India have enough women for their men?

Tell me the top destinations of South India?

Has India had any recent warfare?

How do you find entertainment from the holy cows?

Which State do you like the most to visit in India ? Get Tour Packages From http://luxurytripindia.com

Where to go in India for perfect holidays?

Suggest some good Shimla hotels ?

What do you think of Indians?

What is it like to live in India?

Are Indians born with that dot on their head?

Can someone translate this from Hindi to English?

tum bhi na yaar kitna intazaar karwate ho ab jaag jao na kitana sote ho tum kanha gaye?

Which free classifieds website is most popular for India classifieds?

do Indian muslim women get married at an early age like in the middle east?

Have you been to India? What did you think? I wasn’t impressed!

INDIA is a nation of innovative Engineer or follower Engineer…..?

Is It right to say INDIA is a nation of Engineer….?

do you like indians especially punjabis?

do you like indian punjabi game


What are those big shield shaped beetles that are infesting the bowling greens at the Commonwealth Games ?

Why do indians think their superior to other?

Do you think the caste system should be abolished in India?

Why hindu married women have dot on thier forehead ?

For Indians and for those who care-Does it make sense to you?

What jobs does India outsource? Thank you very much.

India- has a huge chunk of untapped resources that need to be recognised. Also suggest me some hotels and Tour operators of India who can Arrange my full trip?

How to get stock market franchise


Could you explain the “Untouchables” in India?

When did india came into life?

Foreign cheerleaders have been imported to India for the inauguration of the India Premier League. When their time comes, where will India outsource their high-tech industries to?

My friend who recently visited India, says it is illegal to take shower naked in the bathroom. Delhi Call Girls Call On 09818101056. what do you think?

Culture of India

If you had a week to spend in India, what would you see and do?

Which party will win in India in the next loksabha elections?

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Call Girls In Delhi Call On 09818101056.. and other high-tech industries to India. Is there something in the Indian culture about wearing deodorant? Even those Indian students who have been in the country for a few year do not wear deodorant. Just cheap hotels and street vendor type food.

Do you want to visit India?why?

Tell any Indian neighbor country s name?

Why is India with such a vast population and not even competitive winner in any field?

What is Sri Ram Sena’s problem with Valentine’s Day?

What is Sri Ram Sena?

What did Indians think of Slumdog millionaire?

I want to travel to India and would like to watch some video clips? Where do I get such clips?

Is this a good time to be planning a trip to India?

What makes INDIA cool?

Why do people in India stay with their parents until their late thirties?

What is the main problem of india in ur opinion?

Why do some East Indian men wear a chin-strap (for lack of a better word) over their facial hair(beard)? What is its significance?

Will India start war against Pakistan?

How to make india as a best country?

What is it like in India? have you ever been?

Indians: Have you ever met a white person who knows a lot about Indian music and Bollywood? If you will meet a white person who would be able to sing Indian songs, would you find this strange?

If you are a white person who knows nothing about the culture and music of India, would you like to know more?

Which is the better weather in india?

What is the history of pasoi balochs from where they come

When levi’s jeans comes in india

In india two brothers maried one girl.. Is it still like that?

Is India still a third world country?

Why do India people stink?

Where is the financial capital of India?

Why people in India feel embarrassed to talk about sex in open, discussions on sex are still taboo topic?

What is the name of a tourist attraction in India?

Could a tourist live on 500 rupees per day in India? I am not talking high class. am from Ghana africa now living and working in thailand. I’ve always used the excuse that I would take my now 12-year-old son as my excuse for not having gone there yet. What’s your take on this?

what contribution you would like to do to make india shining?

How many Indias here support friendly relations with Pakistan?

do you think india is shining? why?

should india TRY to get united with pakistan,bangladesh,nepal,myanmar, and afghanistan ??????

best religious places in india?best hill stations?best adventure places?

Mohandas Ghandi was born in India and studied law in England.Where did he practise law before returning to India in 1914 ?


Adjustment of people from India to American culture

why is the river ganges is very important

can Virgin network on phone work in Vellore, India?

How much it cost to open a forex trading account in india ?

How much would it cost to send a small package (about 1 kg or 1/2 kg) from India to either the USA, Canada or Europe by airmail ? Thanks

how to post a package cheaply from india abroad

In the Indian culture are woman given rights equal to their male counter parts? (I’m not trying to be offensive, just curious)

why british ruled in india?

Where in India can you find the Golden Temple ?

can white english woman marry or have a relationship with a indian man from punjab

what does the future of India look like?

what is procedure to marry french visa holder in india?

what is the cost for student f 1 visa applycation form in india?

What is India doing to curb its population growth?

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is mekran coast in india?

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vidio games business is legal Or illegal in india

How successful is communism in West Bengal?

Which stores in India have latest collection as I wanted to shop for my family?

What is the name of the waterway that exists between India and Sri Lanka? It’s not the Bay of Bengal.

Where is Andhra Pradesh located?

Does the LINKed photo below this question show an accurate portrayal of train travel in India? How much do the exterior passengers pay for travel? Why does the train company allow such dangerous passage, if they do? Is this legal?

The President of India, Smt. Why?

Why people of India wear sweater in a 90 degree hot weather?

Where is Ghandi’s last home? (Even if part of his ashes have been thrown to the Ganges)

Tell me any place in india where i can go 4 hoildays but cell phone network will nt be there

What field or sectors will be highly demanding in terms of bussiness in india 5 years from now? is it the textiles , auto etc

Why are people of India dependent on Americans?

Do you know a lot about the geography of Indonesia?

Are people from India interested in other cultures besides their own?

Have you ever been to INDIA?

Regarding cultural difference between India and the US – what does it mean if an unmarried (Indian) man wears a rope bracelet? Fashion statement or More?

Had Gandhi not existed would India still be a British colony and would Pakistan and Bangladesh still be part of India?

Which is the oldest language in india

What is the advantage of india being in the central location in indian ocean?

How big of a problem is caste discrimination today?

In indian culture, how soon can a person marry after a death in family?Do one have to wait 1 yr ? Why? What if we dont wait one yr., then how soon can we marry at the earliest?

How does weather and climate determine what is grown in India?

In indian/hindu/punjabi families, how soon can a person marry after a death in family?Do one have to wait 1yr?

Who is the primeminister of india

This summer i am planning my Trip to India. Are any Indian ABers affected?

An Indian doctor couple was arrested on Monday after they allegedly allowed their 15-year-old son to perform a Caesarean section operation. Very beautiful place, I here?

How many of you here (in AB) are Indians or NRIs(non residential Indians). Some Indians love the “scantily-dressed gyrating bodies”, others call it an affront to Indian culture and morals. Wish America had one like that.

Can someone please tell me some girls common/popular Indian Muslim names that begin with the letter “A” and end with the letter “A”?

What is something you’d expect to see in India?

What are the merits and demerits of indian company law?

What is the most famous empire or kingdom of India?

Is premarital sex taboo in India?

Do Marathi people run marathons?

East or west India is the best! Is this true?

Is meat available in Rishikesh and Pushkar?

Is meat available in Gokarna?

Is India a lawless country?

Why people in India are narrow minded?

Why kissing and hugging at public places a taboo in India?

How come people say India’s economy is doing very well when it’s way behind China, sri lanka, etc in terms of per capita income, etc and has a very, very long way to go?

Is India doing to the world what the British Empire did to the world?

Does the Rahul Gandhi is the hope for the Indian politics?

Do you think indian goverment is doing enough to make sure that indians r protected in australia , as there has been series of attack on indians?

What do you think of Alanis Morrissette’s “Thank U India” or Madonna’s “Shanti?”

Is India on your list of places to go in life? Have you ever been there and if so, did you enjoy it?

Do you know any Indians (from India)?

Which competitor from Amul STAR Voice of India do you prefer ? Anwesha Datta Gupta or Aishwarya Mujmudar?

Can you give some details about ancient ports in Eastern India?

Does anybody know who ‘The Untouchables’ were in context to ancient India?

What are the india landform

Who was the last Emperor of India?

Is it true that Pakistan has illegally occupied parts of India?

How are India’s young voters changing its politics?

Where in India is Rajahstan?

Despite wearing a head scarf for the whole 5 years of College time infact I think for the whole life till she moved to Mumbai, WHY DID SHUMAILA HANDOO FROM MBSCET, JAMMU KASHMIR, REMOVED HER HEAD SCARF ALSO STARTED WEARING JEANS.

Why do people from India regard cows as holy?

Would india have been a better country if it had not been seperated into india, pakistan and bangladesh (take the amount of violence at the time into account)

I want to visit one hilly place in North east India this summer. Doesn’t this seem incongruous with the huge numbers (25%) of people reportedly living in extreme poverty there?

Tell about india.

Are you an Indian.

Do you love India?

What different languages are spoken in India?

Where was indian flag hoisted on 1947 august 15 , and the answer starts with hindi letter (ya)

Is Obama jealous of China and India?

Which is indias biggest bridge

Do you think india is a scientific superpower amongst third world countries?

India a developing country, will it ever be developed?

Besides Goa are gambling casinos legal in India?

Will Northern India eventually become a desert after being one of the best irrigated and most fertile regions in the world?

A person who believes in god

What is the best thing about India?

Do you think India is a super nation in technology after japan?

What are the obstacles India at present is facing to progress? How to overcome them?

All the Indian AB members, Happy Independence Day. Anyone else?

I am asking this question to the people from the country of India.

How do Muslims get along with the Hindus in India?

What is the difference between God and Modi, of India?

Is it safer to be a cow than a woman in India?

Do you know any for real Indians?

Why is the Temple of Ram so important to both Hindus and Muslims in India?

Why is the common myna bird an important motif in Indian culture?

Did the British invent Hinduism to segregate the classes in India and it wasn’t really about religion but about the Brahmins?

What is Indian culture like?

Are all Hindu women wearing ‘red dots’ on their foreheads married?

Do you like the Indian candy, till laddu?

Is Narendra Modi, India’s new prime minister, going to be good for India?

Is the caste system still practiced in India?

Should narendra modi be made the PM

Is the Caste System in India good or not?

What kind of punishments are imposed on women in India in spite of having democracy? (Gang rape?)

What are your thoughts on the Cabinet of India’s approval of bifurcation of the Indian state Andhra Pradesh erupting in huge protests?

What are your thoughts on Narendra Modi being named as the Bharatiya Janata Party leader in next year’s Indian general election?

What do you think honey and gold mixed together taste like?…wait for my description, please.

Vietnam War – West//while trouble festers in East. Why

What is india.

Is India being granted favouritism over access to nuclear material?

Why are there so many travel books about India, but almost none about Pakistan?

Are the Hindus of Bali interested in Indian Hinduism? Do they know any Hindu pilgrimage sites in India (such as Varanasi and Mathura)?

What is your opinion about India getting NSG waiver?

If I ask you to visit my place in India..will you?

What you know about India?

Why is bribery legal in india?

Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

Why you no like india

What is the difference between functions and powers that has been provided in constitution of india?

Which parts of India experience snow?

Do you think that India or Pakistan is more beautiful?

My friend who visited India says, people in India read American news then their own country news. Can any1 tell me some good locations to Visit. My question is WHY is this baby giving a snake a bath? Is it a Python or a Boa Constrictor? Are there any Hindu religious reasons or cultural traditions to explain this scene, or have I been hoaxed again?

Why ression has not effected in india to the extent to other countries?

What is something you will find in India but NOT in the United States of America?

The linked Chris Rock video interview claims that “Human Hair is India’s #1 Export.” Is that true? (I don’t doubt it, as Indian women have incredibly beautiful hair, and LOTS of it, too.)

Arthashastra was written by?

Forbes lists 23 Billionaires in India. Thnx

How is a sari tied?

Would you ever go to India?

What is a hill station?

What is rajasthan?

What is mount abu?

Is their anybody here on AB that’s from India? I wanted to know more about your country. How will you celebrate this day?

How many languages do in india speak.

For those ABers from India, do you know what your state animal is?

IIs begging a big problem in India?

We just had 6 new Indian students from India come to our department. only a casual question, just wanted to know.

Where to get information on Mount Abu for research purposes apart from Wikipedia and top results in search engines?

I’m travelling from the USA to India on a business visa. Delhi Call Girls Call On 09818101056.. What can be done to combat and stop child labor in India?

When is India estimated to overtake China in population?

Why India supplied military assistance to Myanmar’s brutal military dictatorship?

Who is Sonia Gandhi?

Which Indian states are “communist”?

What movies now running in Bhubaneswar?

Was anyone here from the USA or Europe in Calcutta in 1984 or 1985?

Is nose ring a religious thing?

Which is tallest building in india

What is the proceedure for an American woman to marry a man who is a citizen of India?

Why is the US-India nuclear deal so controversial in India?

What are the top 5 places to see/things to do in Goa?

Is there any truth behind the rumour that Gandhi was an incestual pedophile?

What river in India is known for its diamonds?

What are the different Indian Hindu castes?

When and where is Thrissur Pooram?

How does a traditional Indian toilet work?

Does anyone heard of the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge? Do they really use rickshaws?

Isn’t the new president of India great? She’s practically a feminist.

Would you like a president who would talk with spirits and receive mediumistic messages? (Pratibha Patil)

What are your thoughts on the climate of India?

One million Indians have been affected by terrible storms and flooding. What does ‘Ban Chut’ and ‘Mada Chut’ mean?

Those outfits from India that the women wear, do they customarily show a bare midriff?

What should be done about the recent violence against christians in india?

What willbe the picture of india by 2050?

Why is Organ Trafficking legal in India?

Way to go India! University students may get to rate teachers, your thoughts?

What do you think about the recent ant-christian riots in India?

If Pakistan remained part of India, do you think that there would have been more tourist attractions in what is now Pakistan?

If you have been to both India and Thailand, where did you like the architecture better?

How many religions originated in India?

What is made in India?

I’m East-Indian, but Canadian born raised. Does any one know why?

Does Mumbai have a street full of shops selling paper like Delhi?

Can you tell me the address of vodafone office which is in nagapattinam in tamilnadu state in india country?

Should the Indian government ban a ceremony where babies are dropped from the roof of a mosque and caught in sheets?

With the twenty-six ‘official’ languages of India, do most still understand Hindi, and is it the ‘standard’ for most publications, radio and TV, etc.

Why are Indians so peaceful?

Will India become the world’s leading power in the 21st century?

Do You Like India, WHY?

India had a nuclear scientist as president. Do you know that? (He is known as a great visionary too). What documents, etc do I need to go through customs in India?

Why are there 2 types of areas in India , States and Union Territories?

Did anyone ever visit INDIA. How would you feel if you found out your doctor did this?

Ever been to India?Where..?

I am laughing so hard over this story: what are your thoughts? A 73-year-old man who failed his 10th grade high school exams for the 39th time vowed today to try again next year in the hopes that an education will improve his job and marriage prospects.

What is the proceedure for an American man to marry a woman who is a resident of India

Have you heard of Gol Gumbaz?

Why is the regoin of Kashmir still a disputed area?

Can you tell me more about Bangelodore India? I’m very interested.

Why in this modern age of equality and justice is there still an untouchable class in India?

Do you think India is fascinating too?

Why is Fashion TV banned in India?

What can you tell me about South India?

How do i get residents permit in india? Am getting married to indian lady and i want to how i will be able to get residents and worok permit in india. Can someone tell me of any organizations such as the Red Cross for volunteering? And what vaccinations are required before leaving my country?

With brands like LG, Acer, Haier, HTC and Tata, do you think Asians have overtaken the west, in term of techonolgical efficiency?

How has india contributed to canadian food heritage and culture?

What is the history of india and thier people?

With the boom in the larger cities in India where do all the slums go? What happens to the poor?

In India, how much inter-caste mixing, friction, and personal or institutional discrimination is there?

Where was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?

How many of you know about a country named India?

India’s first female president has urged women to learn martial arts such as karate for self-defence, a week after new figures showed a sharp jump in the number of rapes. Name one Indian who you would like to emulate in life and why?

If you have traveled to India,What things you liked about India?

I am thinking about going to India for a while. Your thoughts?

This one is for all of those not from India. what is your opinion on that country. Delhi Call Girls Call On 09818101056…Dubai Call Girls Call On 009818101056.

Call Girls In Delhi Call On Jack_09818101056. thank you. Did you see President Obama making a toast to him and his country last night? What did you take from the ceremony?

What do you love about Indian people?

Which cities in India have Nepali settlers/workers? Can you name me some? thanks.

Where can i give the examination of CompTIA in Maharashtra, India?

India is famous for?

What is Darjeeling in India best known for?

Should India worry about jobs in the future?

In June 1984 Indira Gandhi ordered the army to storm the Golden Temple, killing encamped Sikh extremists and destroying part of the complex. Is there any truth to the statement that so much curry is used in cooking to conceal any type of body odors due to infrequent bathing of folks? I am not making this up, someone told me.

Have you ever been to Goa (in India) ? how did you find it?

Have you seen the 4 armed, 4 legged two-year-old in India? (info inside)

Do you believe that India will became a Developed Country before 2020?

As leader of the Nationalist Congress Party of India, he was imprisoned by the British nine times, Name him?

What is Baroda like?

Who is Heer Ranjha?

Being that once upon a time there was no such thing as pakistan because it was a part of india, why do they hate each other so much? If they got into war wouldn’t it be like a civil war because they would only be killing their own kin folk?

What is India’a government?

A year after India banned children under 14 from working, official estimates are that 12 million children in India are still working. China India are the only 2 countries with over 1 billion people each, yet China is the one w/ world-class Olympic athletes facilities, while it seems India does little other than field hockey cricket

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