Will Hillary Clinton’s colorful past on violent media come back to haunt her?

Ultimately the report concludes that Clinton’s conservative views on media may come into play during the Democratic primary. “I think we should do everything we can to make sure that parents have a defense against violent and graphic video games and other content that goes against the values they’re trying to instill in their children.”

The report highlights one particular moment in her career as a Senator: a 2005 news conference in which she lambasted the makers of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas over the “hot coffee” gameplay hidden within the game and unlocked by a crafty modder.

“Her track record on this is questionable from a First Amendment perspective,” Joan Bertin of the National Coalition Against Censorship, tells Politico “In a way, what the most troubling thing is, is that it was so almost thoughtless about the constitutional implications of what she was doing. She’s not stupid. Digging through the Clinton Library records, this Politico report highlights Clinton’s stance on violent media – and her allies say that even now her views on the topic have not changed over the years.

In a questionnaire sent to a children’s media organization in December 2007, she strongly urged the Federal Trade Commission to conduct audits of game retailers and conduct investigations into games with hidden content.. Politico has more on the story here. If she still holds these views, they could prove to be problematic for her.

“Parents feel every day like they’re fighting this battle of all of these bad outside influences on their children with their hands tied behind their back,” she said in 2005. It was a kind of disappointing indication of disregard for the legal structures that exist and for constitutional principles — or she was just making political hay.”

She also introduced the now infamous Family Entertainment Protection Act, which would make it a federal crime to rent or sell a video game rated “mature” or “adults only” to anyone younger than 17.

At another 2005 event, Clinton said that violent media and television were damaging young minds and that “we don’t necessarily see the results immediately.”

Clinton continued to push her failed video game legislation during the 2008 presidential run against Barack Obama.

Will Hillary Clinton’s colorful past on violent media come back to haunt her? | GamePolitics

Hillary Clinton’s past is coming back to haunt her as she takes a run at becoming the president of the United States in 2016

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