The boutique at Marshall Field’s will be the first in the United States to be furnished with Baccarat’s newest design concept, which combines the traditional elements Baccarat is known for with a modern, more contemporary setting that mirrors the company’s latest evolution. All rights reserved.

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CHICAGO-Marshall Field’s has formed a partnership with Baccarat to create a store-within-a-store concept, exclusive to its State Street store in Chicago and opening Aug. In 2003, French designer Philippe Starck reinvented the historic Place des Etats-Unis mansion in Paris with a design concept for Baccarat’s new flagship store, headquarters, restaurant, gallery and museum. The opening at Marshall Field’s flagship store marks the first Baccarat boutique within a retailer for the luxury crystal maker and is its first boutique in Chicago.. 11.

The 500-square-foot shop will be located on the first floor, adjacent to designer jewelry and handbags, and will offer an exclusive assortment of Baccarat jewelry, handbags, watches, collectibles, corporate gifts and chandeliers ranging in price from $100 to $100,000. The concept integrated 18th-century interiors with Baccarat crystal chandeliers and art-de-vivre pieces.

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