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Mint Julep

Most people know that the track that hosts the Kentucky Derby is Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. According to Paul Lambrakis, author of The 10-Cent Superfecta, “I try not to get caught up in the hype of any one horse or attached to any one horse [before the Derby]. I’ll look at past performances and the whole field of horses when the time comes and try to handicap it just like I would any other race.” Others, like Frank Di Tondo , the author of One Minute Handicapper, are monitoring a number of regional competitions to see which horses look to have the best prospects. In almost every year since 1949, all previous Derby winners have been listed on the glasses.

The Kentucky Derby tends to stretch the full capacity of Louisville’s accommodations. They added twenty-five cents to the cost of the drinks and let customers keep the glasses. Because the competition for admission is stiff and because the fees are high (according to one source, the least you could spend on fees to have a horse run in the Kentucky Derby would be over $50,000), horse owners want to be confident they have a horse with a good chance of winning. These contenders will vie for the chance to win the $2 million prize. Finding a hotel room during the Kentucky Derby can be a challenge, especially for those planning late or working with a limited budget. Together, the Kentucky Derby adds up to the premier North American horse racing event.

There are variations, but most recipes include fresh mint sprigs, bourbon whiskey, powdered sugar and water.

First introduced in 1951, the sterling silver julep cup was intended as an official, useful souvenir of the Kentucky Derby. Because of their popularity, many glasses were not returned. The site RentMyHouseforDerby.com specializes in providing luxury vacation rental homes for events like the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby glasses

In the end, it will come down to two minutes. The site is updated weekly to keep it current. Spectators will come from all over and from all walks of life, but for those two minutes, they will be united by the same question: Which horse will win?

The Countdown for the 2009 Kentucky Derby

There are many things that make the Derby the Derby including: the long history, the traditions, the hats, and the garland of roses. Traditionally, the governor of Kentucky uses the cup to toast the winner. The Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau provides a search tool to explore a variety of accommodations and locations.

Kentucky Derby Style

The racetrack and the Kentucky Derby might not have become all they have become had it not been for Matt Winn, who took the reins in 1902. According to Carol Bader, the owner and creator of Del Mar Hat Company, the 2009 trend is for colorful hats. The new grandstand had two spires. Some of the best known traditions are the garland of roses, drinking mint juleps on Derby-day, collecting Kentucky Derby glasses, and collecting silver julep cups.

Sterling silver julep cups

Betting on the Derby

The countdown to the 2009 Kentucky Derby has begun. Since 1987, floral designers from Kroger grocery chain have produced the garland of roses which is 90 inches long by 14 inches wide and weighs about 35 lbs.


Horse racing handicappers will be focusing on the betting prospects of the Kentucky Derby. Attendance is expected to reach around 150,000 fans in 2009.

The official drink of the Kentucky Derby, the mint julep has delighted horse racing fans for over 100 years.

Travel to the Derby

http://www.gotolouisville.com/accommodations-search.aspx If you are traveling with a group, vacation rentals might be an option. Between now and Derby-day, a number of races will help determine which horses are likely to be contenders for the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

It was not the racetrack’s intention to provide glasses as keepsakes the year the tradition started. Filled with excitement and anticipation, crowds will flood into Churchill Downs on May 2, 2009 for the 135th Kentucky Derby.

The Derby festivities begin as early as April 2nd and extend all the way up to Derby Day. Few people know that Churchill Downs was originally called the Louisville Jockey Club. Over time, the spires became known as the Twin Spires and have become an iconic symbol of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. . The following year, the track gave into the inevitable. Between 4/23 -5/2 the Kentucky Derby Festival has 32 events scheduled. It will be two minutes of white-knuckle suspense, two minutes of sweaty palms clenched around betting tickets, two minutes for dreams to be either realized or dashed, two minutes from the sound of the bell to the moment the winner crosses the finish line amidst a cheering crowd. While the first stop may be to check the usual travel sites, if these are not providing enough options, consider other possibilities such as B & Bs or vacation rentals. For regular updates on a variety of Kentucky Derby topics, go to http://www.casetherace.com/kentuckyderby/index.html.

Kentucky Derby Traditions

There are several traditions associated with the Kentucky Derby. The cup is then added to a complete set the track has.

The Kentucky Derby is limited to three-year-old horses. Get advice from handicappers here http://www.casetherace.com/kentuckyderby/handicappers.html

For some, the Kentucky Derby is just a thinly-veiled excuse to wear a really great hat. Since 1875, this celebrated race has captured the hearts of horse racing fans. Case the Race provides weekly updates on the horses and tips from handicappers. Her full article is available at http://www.casetherace.com/kentuckyderby/derbystyle.html.

In Fall 1894 and Spring 1895, a new grandstand costing $100,000 was built for the Derby. In 1938, the glasses were intended only as mint julep glasses. For people with the opportunity to visit the Derby, Case the Race provides tips on travel, tickets, betting and choosing a hat. Learn more about the events at the Kentucky Derby Festival site. Because of his drive and business savvy, Churchill Downs experienced a revival.

Garland of roses

The first published account of roses draped on horses appeared in 1896. The track officially opened in 1875 and has been running the Derby and the Oaks every year since

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