Did “Betting for Dummies” actually work?

Auburn (17-13)

Games Won:

San Diego State +6 1/2 at Nevada (31-37)

Florida -3 1/2 vs. Florida Atlantic (37-34)

In conclusion, while the experiment projected that the overall winning percentage should have been 75%, the actual conclusion was 61%, which is still above the 54% margin needed to turn a profit. What prevented a maximum return was that underdogs getting 27 1/2 points or more usually hit at 73%, but went 2-4 against the spread on Saturday. In monetary terms, if $10 was bet on every game, a bettor would have turned a profit of $33 for the day. South Alabama -3 1/2 vs. South Carolina (44-11)

Toledo +6 1/2 at Cincinnati (29-23)

Colorado +40 1/2 at USC (6-50)

Western Kentucky -3 1/2 vs. So yes, someone who knows nothing about betting or football can make money simply by betting the trends.

South Florida +6 1/2 at Louisville (25-27)

Prior to the weekend, I proposed an experiment in college football betting that consisted of simply betting based on trends and nothing else. For this weekend, the experiment was a success, in that a profit was made with the final of 11 wins and 7 losses. I listed 18 games according the biggest trends and percentages simply to see if anyone could make money, regardless of their knowledge of football or betting in general. Nebraska (28-29)

Tulane +14 1/2 at UTEP (20-24)

UNLV +28 at Boise State (7-32)

Michigan State +9 1/2 at Michigan (10-12)

Games Lost:

Vanderbilt -7 vs. Here are the results of our experiment:

Idaho +30 1/2 at Louisiana Tech (28-70)

New Mexico State +30 1/2 at Utah State (7-41)

Northwestern +6 1/2 vs. UL-Monroe (42-43)

Kent State -3 1/2 vs. Western Michigan (41-24)

Florida International +6 1/2 at Troy (37-38)

Virginia -3 1/2 vs. Georgia (24-29). Wake Forest (10-16)

Kentucky +27 1/2 vs

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