Harry Reid may be implicated in online gambling corruption investigation

Quite curiously, two months after he was reelected, he withdrew the bill.

Harry Reid, the United States Senate Majority Leader from Nevada, could be implicated in a corruption investigation that is taking a look at state politicians and online gambling interests, according to Davis County District Attorney Troy Rawlings and Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill – as reported by ABC News on Thursday.

A Reid spokesperson said that the senator always opposed broad-based online gambling, but over time, he had decided to alter his longstanding opposition. senator. .

Utah Attorney General John Swallow was the first to face allegations of corruption, and he resigned his state position last November after not having been in his elected position for even a year.

Curiously, however, the United States Department of Justice thwarted the FBI’s plan to include Harry Reid in the investigation.

Gill agreed totally.

Both Rawlings and Gill took over the investigation two years ago. Thats our job!

Jeremy Johnson, a key figure in the bank portion of the Utah gambling transactions who has had his own legal problems, alleges that Reid was involved in a 2010 fundraiser event at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas where online poker industry officials hosted him. He also says that Reid promised to introduce federal legislation to legalize online poker if he was elected again.

While the investigation assisted by the FBI has focused on state officials, Rawlings and Gill want the federally-elected official, Harry Reid, to be included. Rawlings said that the federal government basically should look at their own to look at allegations of conduct or misconduct involving this federal official.

When it comes to Harry Reid, Rawlings and Gill are disappointed that the Department of Justice declined to take on the investigation last year even though local officials consider the allegations to be very serious.

When looking at federal-level officials like Sen.

Rawlings said, If somebody commits crimes and theres a nexus to the state of Utah and we can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, it doesnt matter who they are – even a U.S. The spokesperson denied that campaign contributions had anything to do with Reids change of heart on the online gambling issue. Harry Reid’s name comes up in the investigation. Harry Reid, Rawlings suggests that the United States Department of Justice get involved with the investigation. Reportedly, poker interests had entered the political arena in an effort to prevent a crackdown on the processing of poker profits. The Utah officials claim the evidence in the investigation relates to suspect financial transactions including campaign contributions to state – as well as federal politicians – which is where Sen.

And no, he asserted, were not afraid of that. According to Gill, thats what needs to be figured out.

Utah became the home of one of the worlds largest online poker companies for a brief time in late 2009. He says there could possibly be an innocent explanation for the evidence that has cropped up, but he says there could also be a more sinister explanation. Reid introduced a bill to legalize online poker about a month after he was reelected in 2010. It is that situation that led to huge contributions made to state and federal politicians’ campaigns allegedly including United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

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