Double Runner Ice Skates For Adults

Are you searching for double runner ice skates for adults? If you are, you may be a newbie worried about maintaining balance and working on your skating skills without killing yourself out on the ice. As a matter of fact, those strap-on blades that fit over street shoes are made for kids that have feet no larger than a size 13. He was right! Double runners cannot remove the fear of falling that many older beginners have.

Can An Adult Beginner Rent Double Runner Skates At The Rink?

If you are new to the world of recreational ice skating, you may not be aware that many public ice rinks have skates that are available for rent. My instructor told me that I must allow myself to experience a fall or I would never progress. Others find that there is absolutely no damage done to technique by starting out with double blades.

Why Double Runner Ice Skates For Adults Are Not Recommended

If you are looking for adult-size skates that come with a double blade setup you are either a total beginner or have a lot of questions about learning how to skate on ice without breaking your ankles and landing on your rear. This is not something that a senior citizen likes to think about, not to mention the indignity of landing on your rear panel in front of lots of people.

Finding Double Runner Ice Skates For Adults Online

After hunting high and low online for adult skates that come with double blades, I came to one conclusion; either get those hideous strap-on blades or spend money on custom-made skates. After I got to the rink and felt the slippery surface of the ice, my legs and body froze with fear. Even the newest beginner is expected to get out there on one blade. I did okay balancing on them as I walked around on my living room carpet. By their very design, two blades on the bottom of a skate will make it almost impossible to learn spinning, gliding or jumping techniques. This works out really well for people who only sk

ate on occasion. If you happen to be an adult female with tiny feet, you may have some luck. Can an adult beginner find double runners for rent at a public rink? I doubt it. That is what ice skating is; zipping around the rink on one-bladed skates.Skates With Double Blades Have Their Limitations

Although these products make newbies feel more secure, they do have real drawbacks. I too decided to learn ice skating late in life ( in my mid-forties). That is the problem; fear. I signed up for lessons and bought a pair of single-blades for myself. However, using them is controversial and causes some debate in the skating world. I know that spins and jumps are not what a beginner cares about. However, double blades can cause skaters to trip sideways. The rink makes money and you don’t have to purchase new skates. The rest of us will have to learn ice skating the hard way; on a single blade skate.

. Double runner ice skates are used by beginners. Some people think that a beginner should just wear a single blade and get used to it from the start. Either way, skating involves slipping, falling and learning how to get back up correctly

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